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Hola amigos. I'm a Pro developer. Specialist Whitehacker & Substance promoter. My works include website development, TG member add, TG bot dev, Graphics design & Mobile UI dev, Blockchain dev - Token smart contracts, Payment gateway & web wallet, YouTube promotion, Contract email list....etc👍

Kim Jong

Hello everyone! How can I connect with the group admin? I want to talk about CHZ and business opportunities! Thank you!

Hello chilizer 👋 I'm new here, and have little confused about how chz and token works ! Here is my understanding: Fans buy chz in order to buy their club' token. So, the more demand in token is the more demand in chz hence chz' price increase. ! Is my understanding correct?

Alex mang

The total supply is high, so there is no demand for buy.

Günter Messenlehner

Good morning community. Did you hunt today?


Diego ✓

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Good morning everyone

Joe Grech - $CHZ

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Good morning😊

Patrick E. Steele

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Ferndi Ah

Ethereum held HardFork and released a new unique coin, Ethereum 2.0.The price of one ETH 2.0 coin is 620$Everyone who uses ordinary ethereum coins can get from 0.1 to 10 ETH 2.0 for frееAfter receiving the coins, you can immediately sell them on any exchange.
To get coins, go to the official website and log into your ethereum main wallet. Coins are credited to your main wallet.
Regular Ethereum coins will remain in place.use only the ethereum primary wallet. new wallets will not be accepted.Get

Any answers plz 🤚

Joe Grech - $CHZ

We do not talk about price increasing in here.

Ok. I might not ask the question in proper way

Hello chilizer 👋 I'm new here, and have little confused about how chz and token works ! Here is my understanding: Fans buy chz in order to buy their club' token. So, the more demand in token is the more demand in chz. Is my understanding correct?

I just want to understand the dynamic relationship between chz and token

Joe Grech - $CHZ

Yes. Also, in the app we have card purchases, the tokens purchased from that are bought from Binance market.

So, chz only the one way to buy the token ? Correct?.

Joe Grech - $CHZ


Ok . Got it 👍


q1: can you elaborate on the latest ssu poll (matchday check-in) q2: would we be seeing poll status bar notifications (selectable so user can choose which they wish to be notified) as of when they become available in future?


morning chiliz 🌶️



Alex Dreyfus - $CHZ

q1 : the idea is to "tag" you & a friend watching together the match,during a matchday and get rewarded

Alex Dreyfus - $CHZ

Q2: in the plan yes

Nice nice, thanks Alex, hope you are keeping well and family ofc


It’s a new week guys we hope for the speedy recovery of the world at the moment . I hope you are safe with your family. Lets have a productive week again

and everyone ofc, as standard :)

Crypto Evangelist

How do you see the competition from Iqoniq ? They also seem to have a lot of $$ to buy sponsoring license ! And there is pic of Barca on their website ... it looks very similar to Socios (without bc tech behind) despite they are one year behind.

Alex Dreyfus - $CHZ

hi. We are familiar with them. They are using images on their website they don't have rights to,but that's a small thing 🙂 We don't see that as a competitor per se, as they wanna be a social media/network for influencers,and revenue driven from advertising. We don't believe in this model. They are actually - apparently - existing since 2017 and yet have no product live.

I had a quick glance.... the minute i saw microsoft as a partner i closed my tab



Alex Dreyfus - $CHZ

all these partners are fake 🙂

Alex Dreyfus - $CHZ

they are not 'partner' with Microsoft.

Alex Dreyfus - $CHZ

they may be client of Microsoft 🙂

I know 😂😂

Crypto Evangelist

Indeed you need a lot of Ads to payback a sponsor license !! And find some one to finance it.

Crypto Evangelist

It is a lot $$ for a VC when you don’t have a product ....

They'll probably have a pic of Peter Soros as a funder next

Alex Dreyfus - $CHZ

they have one individual backer, but let's see how it goes.


lol, gonna do some work. enjoy!

Dr.Selçuk Aydın

Good morning

Joe Grech - $CHZ


Crypto Evangelist

They bought the pack office 😂