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Bruce Li | NKN

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1. what will the NKN team do to increase the price of NKN, NKN once touched a number above $ 0.54 and now the price is below $ 0.027 is there a specific strategy to restore the price of NKN? 2. With all the crypto projects coming out,how will NKN establish its name to gain trust and confidence from its future users and investors? How will this help the communities especially those areas which are hard to reach?


what is the difference between NSH (NKN SHELL and SSH (SECURE SHELL) which is safer and more stable?

As INDIA is the largest democracy in the world how you are seeing INDIAN MARKET for project adoption and growth?

Adoption is one of the important factor that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors' eyes. Can you tell me what NKN has done and plan to do to achieve ADOPTION in the reality, real use cases, our real society?


1) As I read NKN just signing a commercial contract with NETIC, so what can NKN and NETIC help each other with that contract? 2) What is the usecase of NKN Coin in your ecosystem? How can Holders & Investors generate rewards using NKN Platform? 3) 30% for Mining operations within 25 years after Mainnet's completion, if miners mining more than 30% earlier than 25 years what will NKN do to pay miners?


1)How the demand of NKN token will increase in the future? or what steps would you take to increase the demand? 2) May I know how do you plan to attract more business partnerships to your project?

Shiv Palkar

1 - HowNKNis seeing the implications of 5G network to boost the streaming speed? Is there any optimistic vision of NKN towrads this technology?
2 - Are there any competitors forNKN, and what are NKN’s advantages?
3 - How you are seeing to implement your tech in India, as we are the largest number in terms of consumption of Bandwidth?@skysniper

In one of your interviews you said that NKN can help reduce expenses that mobile operators have when offering roaming and NKN can also help create real-time bills (that operators send to each other). Can you provide some examples of those expenses in more detail and how NKN can reduce them and become an integral part in roaming services?

Bittu Singh

Any industry which is the most promising to NKN?

Dark Crypto

All current projects are concerned with the speed and quantity of transactions. Old projects have also improved their network. So what else does NKN need to bring to investors?

Zhang Wei

How you are different than your competitors like SpaceMesh, Skycoin moreover from BitTorrent?

How one can Setup and Run Node and What were the major requirements needed for it ?

How do you plan to expand your user base and motivate users to share their network resources? Would competition between users in the NKN system be a problem?

What's the difference between NSH (NKN SHELL and SSH (SECURE SHELL) which is safer, stronger and more stabilizer ? Can you tell me what NKN has done and plan to do to achieve ADOPTION in the reality & real use cases ?


How can we distinguish the difference between NKN and the other projects? Why it's  better than other projects ?


How many developers are currently actively working on the code for NKN team?

How does NKN deal with the issue of illegal content being relayed through nodes? Can nodes prevent this from happening in any way, and would this content be traceable back to them?


What is the financial basis for NKN's revenue? Why is the NKN coin important in the NKN ecosystem and what is the potential value of it?


With the variety of messaging applications available today, D-chat is a new product of NKN, so how does NKN attract people to use D-chat?

Harman Chahal

Do we have to pay or Hold NKN tokens to run full node or it is free ?

Can I run my NKN NODE using Ankr Network cloud service? Or do you support only AWS or Azure as of now? What is the reward mechanism for running which attracts so many node runners for NKN network?


Are full nodes and validator nodes the same thing or different on the NKN platform?

Comparatively, with regards to speed, precision, accuracy, how does NKN outperform similar projects and competitors already in the same field and ecosystem What necessitated the start of the project? What problems does NKN seeks to solve, what's the real life use case and application of the TOKEN

Binance Lover

What is the financial basis for NKN's revenue? Why is the NKN coin important in the NKN ecosystem and what is the potential value of it?

Amer Ahmad

I am currently making a blockchain based in Unity and wanted to know if NKN can be used to for blockchain gaming especially those that require extremely low MSs such as first person shooters or racing games? Would it be possible to create a complex blockchain based game (think PUBG or COD) on NKN in which every action is recorded onto the blockchain (the ideal way a blockchain game should be)? From a gaming perspective, as a bulk of the nodes are located in the US, will the location of the NKN nodes affect latency? With a serverless game system does it mean that anti cheat mechanisms will be redundant? i.e. That cheating won't be possible


How do you compete with IOTA in terms of machine communications? I would also like to ask you what happens to big data / Is it possible to combine them, if the key owners agree to share their data?

Pluto - MX 1$

You compare yourself to Uber of the Internet, so do you encounter the national legal issues that Uber is facing?

Lius Qgustika

Does NKN want to make a more open version of the Internet? And what is the purpose of NKN using blockchain technology?


@skysniper@brucezliYou pride yourself as new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol' that is powered by a public blockchain, please HOW ROBUST is NKN to meet with 21st century networking and connectivity needs?
Comparatively how does NKN outperm similar projects already existing, what's your greatest strengths?

NKN is used to incentivize Internet users to share their network connection and unused bandwidth, doesn't this pose security and privacy threats?


Hello ☺️If new people who have heard about NKN recently wish to learn more about NPK where can they look up? do you have video tutorials or articles sir? thanks

When is the mainnet?

🌽 Bắp 🌽

What is the financial basis for NKN's revenue? Why is the NKN coin important in the NKN ecosystem and what is the potential value of it?

Dark Seer [ Volunteer for u ]

What team planned on dealing with scaling in long term development? The successful step that $NKN needs to achieve is to have a large community of supporters, so far, how many have your community built up? And in the upcoming period, what plans do you plan to attract more community?


I was wondering do you consider putting in place some kind of penalties or registration/deregistration period for nodes, so the network is more stable/reliable?

Minh Quan

NKN's technology is aimed at optimizing the Internet, but the speed of the Internet is still heavily dependent on telecommunications companies. So does NKN technology depend on network providers in different countries?

Staking is decentralized or just normal staking? dPoS or pos?

Crypto Miner

1) What would you say the competitive advantages of NKN over Orchid Protocol and what are the hardware requirements for running a node on testnet? 2) How are you planning to approach the adoption aspect, are there any marketing plans for the future and if there are could you please elaborate more on the exact ways on how you are approaching this ; and , why is nkn using 1 minute block times while newer generation blockchains have much shorter?

ak Kumar | Via Manage

What's the purpose of nkn token when same other projects are available?@skysniper


What are the main reasons that I should vote for NKN?


Can you share me how many nodes you have now and how you were able to grow the node operator community?


What's NKN big plan especially for India?

Change is now

How can we as an indian community help New kind of Network beside voting?
What strategy are you adapting for mass adoption of NKN globally?@skysniper@brucezli

What is the minimum configurations required to run mining in my Windows PC? Why should I mine NKN in this sinking Alt market? What does the Logo of NKN signifies? Does it has deep relationship with the project objectives and visions?

Ricky Roy

How confident is NKN competitive? Numerous types of blockchains are on the market, like AI-integrated blockchain or ML(Machine Learning) blockchain, Cross Consensus Algorithm supported blockchain for business application. As a part of team, you sure likely to focus on competitive projects. I would like to hear your opinion.

Binance Lover

Why did you build NKN, what is the motivation for you to start this project?