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Many alts in 3 rd wave / 4th wave and some going to end the 5th wave , try to exit from alts if u bought at dip , if u are a long term holder then hold it , if u bought before this pump then check chart and sell it nd again re -buy back !!

not a financial advisor ,always do your own research#copied

Buy eth at 200-190 financial advice for ur financial freedom#copied

Binance BTC Volume Monitor Alert
Yesterday's Total BTC Volume at This Time was 18000+ BTC
Today's Total BTC Volume is Currently Sitting at 44700+ BTC
& Still Increasing

That's Overall Around 26700+ BTC Volume Increased within 24 Hrs.#copied

11:19 AM - Counsel says that RBI in its reply itself admits that RBI does not have jurisdiction to speak on the legality of Crypto as it is neither coins nor currency and RBI Act and Payment Settlements Act are not applicable on Cryptos.
11:19 AM - Despite that they use ancillary powers in a diff. Act and takes action against exchanges which is clearly a colorable exercise.

11:21 AM - RBI acted under error of law as it says that exchanges have to show that in which provision they have a right to use crypto for exchange of goods and services.

However, the law says something which is not prohibited is legally permitted.

11:26 AM - Banning or regulating something must be a legislative act, it is a power which cannot be exercised by way of delegation. A decision to ban or regulate should have come from the legislature instead of RBI.

11:29 AM - Counsel argues that doing business in Crypto is not "Res extra commercium".

11:30 AM - Res extra commercium (lat. "a thing outside commerce") is a doctrine originating in Roman law, holding that certain things may not be the object of private rights, and are therefore insusceptible to being traded.

11:36 AM - Curtailment of an economic activity must come from the legislature as it puts people out of business involved in that economic activity.

11:37 AM - Further says that we are not on the legislative competence of the legislature bit just saying that the Competence has to be exercised by the legislature itself and not delegatee.

11:38 AM - Virtual currencies are of many kinds/ types.

RBI financial stability report 2013 is being referred to show why a legislative policy is necessary for Cryptos.

11:40 AM - UK's financial conduct authority's report on Crypto Assets is being read by the counsel.

11:41 AM - It recognizes 3 kinds of Crypto Assets.#copied